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Meet our Providers

The physicians and staff of Woodway Internal Medicine believe in continuity of care, which is why we continue to care for our patients prior to, following and during hospitalization.  

At Woodway you can expect quality, compassionate care in sickess and in health. 

Robert P. Suer, M.D.  Dr. Suer has been a primary care physician in the Muncie area since 1981.  He is also the medical director at Parker Health and Rehab Center in Parker City.  

Earl E. Lloyd, M.D. Dr. Lloyd has been practicing medicine with Dr. Suer since 1996.  He's an avid gardener. 

Thomas J. Gibson, M.D.   Dr. Gibson began practicing medicine in the area in 1983, and joined Woodway in 2004. 

Sarah E. Cooper, NP  Sarah began practicing in the Muncie area in 2008 and joined Woodway Internal Medicine in 2011.  Sarah is currently working towards completing her doctorate.   

Heather Hamilton, NP  Heather joined Woodway Internal Medicine in 2011.  

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